Capital Raising

- Aureate Capital has a long history of helping companies raise the capital they need to scale, fund organic growth, expand product lines, and meet other capital needs.

- Our leadership team has both strong investor relationships and a deep understanding of investors’ criteria and preferences.

- We have a robust network in the alternative investment sector, including hedge funds, family offices, venture capital and high net worth individuals to cater to clients' needs.

Strategic Consulting

- The Aureate Capital team provides uniquely suited assistance in the evaluation of a company's short and long-term strategic plans.

- We have extensive experience assisting early stage companies with ongoing strategic consulting on business expansion and helping to identify new revenue streams.

- Our exceptional market intelligence is leveraged to its fullest extent for the client’s benefit.

Mergers & Acquisitions

- Aureate Capital’s principals provide both buy-side and sell-side deal making expertise.

- Our team’s long-term, relationship focused approach is to help identify, outline and implement an M&A growth strategy while providing unbiased advice.